Week 2 – Vacations and Fluctuations

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

-J.R.R. Tolkien



  • Body weight: 120.0 lbs (down 1.8 lbs)
  • Body composition: 22.2% fat (down 0.7 %)
  • Hip measurement: 36.25” (down 0.25”)
  • Tummy measurement: 31.5”

Alain and I enjoy going to Seaside, Oregon for our weekend getaways.  The primary activities are eating, drinking, sleeping, walking along the promenade and watching HGTV in bed – with an emphasis on eating and drinking.  Since we are celebrating our anniversary this week (and Seaside was our honeymoon location), we decided to get in a weekend getaway before I go to India for 2 weeks.  I was really worried about how we would do with our dietary goals given our usual routine and tendency to overdo it.

I am quite proud to say that we still managed to enjoy our favorite activities and stay within our calorie budgets through a bit of moderation.  We even ate out at a fancy restaurant in Cannon Beach.  We walked a lot in order to balance out the dinner, but it seems to have worked as we both lost weight this week!  So, it is possible to be on vacation and still keep your goals (without missing out on the experience)!

What worked for me:

  • eating a late breakfast of egg white scramble and veggies
  • eating a protein bar and protein shake to tide things over in the afternoon
  • lots of walking (e.g. 6 miles)
  • eating a late dinner with a half portion and even a couple of glasses of wine
  • repeat the next day

Upon returning home, I was eager to see the results of the weekend vacation.  I found a great example of fluctuations.  I weighed in on Monday morning and then again on Monday evening (after my workout and before dinner).  I averaged the results for today’s official weigh-in.  The differences were a bit depressing:

  • weight: 0.6 lbs less in the evening
  • % body fat: 1.7% higher in the evening

Also in the fluctuation category is the fact that we have two other scales that can show varying results by up to +/- 3 pounds and +/- 3% body fat.  Of course, the measuring tape is easily at the mercy of my water retention and bloating for the day, so it’s not exactly consistent either.

So what is the best measurement?!?!

For me, on this journey, the only reliable measurement is the progress I see with my abs.  As someone who likes things to be black/white and objective – I struggle with this idea – a lot.  So, I will keep tracking my metrics, but also keep my eye on the goal… which is all about what I see in the mirror.  You can’t tell from the pictures, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.  I see much more definition when I’m in movement and it encourages me that I’m on the right track.

Up Next: I leave for India on Friday for 2 weeks… part of the allure of India is the food.  My biggest weakness is Indian food!  It is so yummy and so vegetarian!!!  Stay tuned for how things go on the next leg of the journey!


Ab side view
Ab front view
Ab front view



Week 1: The first step

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lao Tzu – Founder of Taoism

Check-in: 11/2/2014

  • Body weight: 121.1 lbs (down 0.7 lbs)
  • Body composition: 22.2% fat (up 0.2%)
  • Hip measurement: 36.5”

The journey is off on its start!  I did fairly well with meeting my calorie/exercise goals in the latter part of the week, but I missed my protein targets.  So, the good news is that my total weight is down 0.7 lbs.  The bad news is that my body fat is up by 0.2%.  That means I lost lean muscle mass – probably because I was cutting calories too aggressively and not getting enough protein to keep my muscles from breaking down.

But, this was only a partial week and I’m off to a new week with great motivation.  I just re-read http://simplesciencefitness.com and I’m going to work harder to meet my goals around macronutrients this week (and increase my calorie intake).


Abs Front View


Ab Side View
Ab Side View